Acura ILX Hybrid (2015 year). Instruction — page 8

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluENGINE START/STOP Button
Power Mode Reminder
If you open the driver’s door when the power mode is set to ACCESSORY, a warning
buzzer sounds.
Keyless Access Remote Reminder
1Keyless Access Remote Reminder
Warning buzzers may sound from inside or/
When the keyless access remote is within the
system’s operational range, and the driver’s door is
and outside the vehicle to remind you that the
closed, the warning function cancels.
keyless access remote is out of the vehicle. If
the buzzer continues even after the remote is
If the keyless access remote is taken out of the vehicle
put back inside, place it to be within its
after the engine has been started, you can no longer
operational range.
change the ENGINE START/STOP button mode or
restart the engine. Always make sure if the remote is
When the power mode is in ON
in your vehicle when you operate the ENGINE
START/STOP button.
If the keyless access remote is taken out of the
vehicle, and the driver’s door is closed,
Removing the keyless access remote from the vehicle
warning buzzers sound from both inside and
through a window does not activate the warning
outside the vehicle. A warning message on
the multi-information display notifies the
driver inside that the remote is out.
Do not put the keyless access remote on the
dashboard or in the glove box. It may cause the
warning buzzer to go off. Under some other
When the power mode is in
conditions that can prevent the vehicle from locating
the remote, the warning buzzer may also go off even
If the keyless access remote is taken out of the
if the remote is within the system’s operational
vehicle, and the driver’s door is closed, a
warning buzzer sounds from outside the

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluTurn Signals
Turn Signals
The turn signals can be used when the power
mode is in ON.
Right Turn
One-touch turn signal
When you lightly push up or down and release
the turn signal lever, the exterior turn signals
and turn signal indicator blink three times.
Left Turn
1Light Switches
This feature can be used when signaling for a
If you leave the power mode in VEHICLE OFF (LOCK)
lane change.
with the lights on, a light on reminder chime will
sound when you open the driver’s door.
Light Switches
When the lights are on, the lights on indicator in the
instrument panel will be on.
Manual Operation
2 Lights On Indicator P. 77
Rotating the light switch turns the lights on
High Beams
Models with high voltage discharge tube bulb
and off, regardless of the power mode
Repeatedly turning the headlights on and off reduces
the life of the HID headlight bulbs.
High beams
Push the lever forward until you hear a click.
If you sense that the level of the headlights is
Low beams
abnormal, have the vehicle inspected by a dealer.
When in high beams, pull the lever back to
Do not leave the lights on when the engine is off
Flashing the high beams
return to low beams.
because it will cause the battery to discharge.
Low Beams
Flashing the high beams
Turns on side marker, tail, and
Pull the lever back, and release it.
Your vehicle is equipped with the automatic
rear license plate lights
headlight adjusting system that automatically adjusts
Turns on headlights, parking, side
the vertical angle of the low beam headlights. If you
marker, tail, and rear license plate
find a significant change in the vertical angle of the
headlights, there may be a problem with the system.
Have your vehicle checked by a dealer.

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluLight Switches
1Automatic Lighting Control
Automatic Lighting Control
We recommend that you turn on the lights manually
Automatic lighting control can be used when
when driving at night, in a dense fog, or in dark areas
the power mode is in ON.
such as long tunnels or parking facilities.
When you turn the light switch to AUTO, the
The light sensor is in the location shown below.
Do not cover this light sensor with anything;
headlights and other exterior lights will switch
otherwise, the automatic lighting system may not
on and off automatically depending on the
work properly.
ambient brightness.
Light Sensor
You can change the auto light sensitivity
2 Customized Features P. 95
Adjust the auto light sensitivity as follows:
The exterior lights come on
when the ambient light is at
2 Customized Features P. 95

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluLight Switches
1Headlight Integration with Wiper*
Headlight Integration with Wiper*
This feature activates during the headlights are off in
The headlights automatically come on when the wipers are used several times within
a certain intervals with the headlight switch in AUTO.
The instrument panel brightness does not change
The headlights automatically go off a few minutes later if the wipers are stopped.
when the headlights come on.
When the ambient light is at dark, the automatic
lighting control feature overrides, and the headlights
come on with or without the wipers sweeping more
than several times.
Automatic Lighting Off Feature
1Automatic Lighting Off Feature
You can change the headlight auto off timer setting.
The headlights, all other exterior lights, and the instrument panel lights turn off 15
2 Customized Features P. 95
seconds after you set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK), take the remote with
you, and close the driver’s door even if you leave the light switch on or in AUTO.
If you set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK) with the headlight switch on, but
do not open the door, the lights turn off after 10 minutes (three minutes, if the
switch is in the AUTO position).
The lights turn on again when you unlock or open the driver’s door. If you unlock
the door, but do not open it within 15 seconds, the lights go off. If you open the
driver’s door, you will hear a lights on reminder chime.
* Not available on all models

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluFog Lights
Fog Lights
When the low beam headlights are on, turn
1Fog Lights
the fog light switch on to use the fog lights.
The fog lights go off when the headlights turn off, or
when the daytime running lights are on.
2 Fog Light Indicator P. 77
Fog Light Switch
Daytime Running Lights
The high beam headlights come on slightly dimmer than normal when the following
conditions have been met:
• The power mode is in ON.
• The headlight switch is off, or in
• The parking brake is released.
The lights remain on even if you set the parking brake. Setting the power mode to
VEHICLE OFF turns off the daytime running lights.
The high beam headlights return to the original brightness once the headlight
switch is turned on.

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluWipers and Washers
Wipers and Washers
The windshield wipers and washers can be
1Wipers and Washers
used when the power mode is in ON.
Do not use the wipers when the windshield is dry.
The windshield will get scratched, or the rubber
Pull to
The wipers run at high speed until you release
blades will get damaged.
the lever.
Wiper switch (OFF, INT, LO, HI)
In cold weather, the blades may freeze to the
windshield, becoming stuck.
Change the wiper switch setting according to
Intermittent Time
Operating the wipers in this condition may damage
Adjustment Ring
the amount of rain.
the wipers. Use the defroster to warm the
windshield, then turn the wipers on.
Adjusting the delay
Turn the adjustment ring to adjust the wiper
If the vehicle speeds up while the wipers are
operating intermittently, the length of the wipe
INT: Low speed with
interval shortens.
Long delay
When the vehicle starts moving, the wipers make a
LO: Low speed wipe
single sweep.
HI: High speed wipe
When the vehicle speeds up, the wiper operation’s
shortest delay setting (
) and the LO setting become
Short delay
the same.
Turn the washers off if no washer fluid comes out.
The pump may get damaged.
Sprays while you pull the lever toward you.
The wiper motor is equipped with a breaker that may
When you release the lever, the wipers make
stop motor operation temporarily to prevent an
two or three more sweeps before stopping.
overload. Wiper operation will return to normal
within a few minutes, once the circuit has returned to

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluBrightness Control
Brightness Control
When the power mode is in ON, you can use
1Wipers and Washers
the brightness control knob to adjust
If the wiper stops operating due to any obstacle such
instrument panel brightness.
as the build-up of snow, park the vehicle in a safe
Brighten: Turn the knob to the right.
Dim: Turn the knob to the left.
Rotate the wiper switch to OFF, and set the power
You will hear a beep when the brightness
remove the obstacle.
reaches minimum or maximum. The multi-
Control Knob
information display will return to its original
state several seconds after you adjust the
1Brightness Control
Instrument panel brightness varies, depending on
Brightness level indicator
whether the exterior lights are on or off. The
The brightness level is shown on the multi-
instrument panel dims to reduce glare when they are
information display while you are adjusting it.
When it is bright outside and the headlight
integration with the wiper is activated, the
instrument panel brightness does not change.
Pressing the SEL/RESET button or either
(information) button switches the display between
the brightness level and other available information.
If you turn the knob to the right until the brightness
display is up to max, the beeper sounds. This cancels
the reduced instrument panel brightness when the
parking lights are on.
The brightness can be set differently for when the
exterior lights are on, and when they are off.

uuOperating the Switches Around the Steering WheeluRear Defogger/Heated Door Mirror Button
Rear Defogger/Heated Door Mirror Button
Press the rear defogger and heated door
1Rear Defogger/Heated Door Mirror Button
mirror button to defog the rear window and
mirrors when the power mode is in ON.
When cleaning the inside of the rear window, be
careful not to damage the heating wires.
The rear defogger and heated door mirrors
It is critical to wipe the window from side to side
automatically switch off after 10-30 minutes
along the defogger heating wires.
depending on the outside temperature.
This system consumes a lot of power, so turn it off
when the window has been defogged.
Also, do not use the system for a long period when
the engine is idling. This may weaken the 12 volt
battery, making it difficult to start the engine.
Adjusting the Steering Wheel
The steering wheel height and distance from your body can be adjusted so that you
1Adjusting the Steering Wheel
can comfortably grip the steering wheel in an appropriate driving posture.
1. Pull the steering wheel adjustment lever up.
To adjust
u The steering wheel adjustment lever is
Adjusting the steering wheel position while
under the steering column.
driving may cause you to lose control of the
2. Move the steering wheel up or down, and
vehicle and be seriously injured in a crash.
in or out.
u Make sure you can see the instrument
Adjust the steering wheel only when the
panel gauges and indicators.
vehicle is stopped.
3. Push the steering wheel adjustment lever
To lock
down to lock the steering wheel in position.
Make any steering wheel adjustments before you
u After adjusting the position, make sure
start driving.
you have securely locked the steering
wheel in place by trying to move it up,
down, in, and out.

Adjusting the Mirrors
Interior Rearview Mirror
Adjust the angle of the rearview mirror when you are sitting in the correct driving
1Adjusting the Mirrors
Keep the inside and outside mirrors clean and
adjusted for best visibility.
Rearview Mirror with Day and Night Positions*
Adjust the mirrors before you start driving.
Flip the tab to switch the position.
2 Adjusting the Seat Positions P. 135
The night position will help to reduce the glare
from headlights behind you when driving
after dark.
Night Position
Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror*
1Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror*
When driving after dark, the automatic
The auto dimming function cancels when the shift
position is in R.
dimming rearview mirror always reduces the
glare from headlights behind you.
* Not available on all models

uuAdjusting the MirrorsuPower Door Mirrors
Power Door Mirrors
You can adjust the door mirrors when the
power mode is in ON.
Mirror position adjustment
L/R selector switch: Select the left or right
mirror. After adjusting the mirror, return the
switch to the center position.
Selector Switch
Mirror position adjustment switch: Press
Adjustment Switch
the switch left, right, up, or down to move the
Expanded View Driver’s Mirror
1Expanded View Driver’s Mirror
The driver side door mirror has outer and inner
Objects visible in the outer segment of the driver side
Outer Segment
door mirror appear smaller than objects in the rest of
the mirror. But in fact, they are closer than they
The outer segment is slightly curved to provide
a wider angle view than a standard flat mirror.
This wider view may help you check areas that
Do not rely on your mirrors. Always look to the side
are not visible using a standard door mirror.
and behind your vehicle before changing lanes.
Inner Segment

Adjusting the Seats
Adjusting the Seat Positions
Adjust the driver’s seat as far back as possible
1Adjusting the Seats
Allow sufficient
while allowing you to maintain full control of
the vehicle. You should be able to sit upright,
well back in the seat and be able to
Sitting too close to a front airbag can result
adequately press the pedals without leaning
in serious injury or death if the front
forward, and grip the steering wheel
airbags inflate.
comfortably. The passenger’s seat should be
adjusted in a similar manner, so that it is as far
Always sit as far back from the front
Move back.
airbags as possible while maintaining
back from the front airbag in the dashboard
as possible.
control of the vehicle.
Adjusting the front power seat*
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
and Transport Canada recommend that drivers allow
at least 10 inches (25 cm) between the center of the
steering wheel and the chest.
Horizontal Position
Always make seat adjustments before driving.
Height Adjustment
Seat-back Angle
Driver side only
* Not available on all models

uuAdjusting the SeatsuAdjusting the Seat Positions
Adjusting the front manual seat(s)
1Adjusting the front manual seat(s)
Once a seat is adjusted correctly, rock it back and
Height Adjustment
forth to make sure it is locked in position.
(Driver side only)
Pull up or push down the lever
to raise or lower the seat.
Seat-back Angle
Pull up the lever to
change the angle.
Horizontal Position
Pull up on the bar to move the
Driver’s seat is shown.
seat, then release the bar.

uuAdjusting the SeatsuAdjusting the Seat Positions
1Adjusting the Seat-Backs
Adjusting the Seat-Backs
Adjust the driver’s seat-back to a comfortable,
upright position, leaving ample space
Reclining the seat-back too far can result in
between your chest and the airbag cover in
serious injury or death in a crash.
the center of the steering wheel.
Adjust the seat-back to an upright position,
The front seat passenger should also adjust
and sit well back in the seat.
their seat-back to a comfortable, upright
Do not put a cushion, or other object, between the
seat-back and your back. Doing so may interfere with
proper seat belt or airbag operation.
Reclining a seat-back so that the shoulder part of the belt no longer rests against the
occupant’s chest reduces the protective capability of the belt. It also increases the
If you cannot get far enough away from the steering
wheel and still reach the controls, we recommend
chance of sliding under the belt in a crash and being seriously injured. The farther a
that you investigate whether some type of adaptive
seat-back is reclined, the greater the risk of injury.
equipment may help.

uuAdjusting the SeatsuAdjusting the Seat Positions
1Adjusting the Head Restraints
Adjusting the Head Restraints
Your vehicle is equipped with head restraints
in all seating positions.
Improperly positioning head restraints
reduces their effectiveness and increases
Head restraints are most effective for
the likelihood of serious injury in a crash.
protection against whiplash and other rear-
impact crash injuries when the center of the
Make sure head restraints are in place and
back of the occupant’s head rests against the
positioned properly before driving.
Position head in the center
center of the restraint. The tops of the
of the head restraint.
occupant’s ears should be level with the
In order for the head restraint system to work
center height of the restraint.
Do not hang any items on the head restraints, or
Adjusting the front and rear outer head restraint positions
from the restraint legs.
Do not place any object between an occupant and
To raise the head restraint: Pull it upward.
the seat-back.
To lower the head restraint: Push it down
Install each restraint in its proper location.
while pressing the release button.

uuAdjusting the SeatsuAdjusting the Seat Positions
Changing the Rear Center Seat Head Restraint Positions
A passenger sitting in the center back seating
position should adjust the height of their head
restraint to an appropriate position before the
vehicle begins moving.
To raise the head restraint:
Pull it upward.
To lower the head restraint:
Push it down while pressing the release
Removing and Reinstalling the Head Restraints
1Removing and Reinstalling the Head Restraints
Head restraints can be removed for cleaning or repair.
Failure to reinstall, or correctly reinstall, the
To remove a head restraint:
head restraints can result in severe injury
Pull the restraint up as far as it will go. Then push the release button, and pull the
during a crash.
restraint up and out.
Always replace the head restraints before
To reinstall a head restraint:
Insert the legs back in place, then adjust the head restraint to an appropriate height
while pressing the release button. Pull up on the restraint to make sure it is locked
in position.

uuAdjusting the SeatsuArmrest
1Maintain a Proper Sitting Position
Maintain a Proper Sitting Position
After all occupants have adjusted their seats and head restraints, and put on their
seat belts, it is very important that they continue to sit upright, well back in their
Sitting improperly or out of position can
seats, with their feet on the floor, until the vehicle is safely parked and the engine is
result in serious injury or death in a crash.
Always sit upright, well back in the seat,
Sitting improperly can increase the chance of injury during a crash. For example, if
with your feet on the floor.
an occupant slouches, lies down, turns sideways, sits forward, leans forward or
sideways, or puts one or both feet up, the chance of injury during a crash is greatly
In addition, an occupant who is out of position in the front seat can be seriously or
fatally injured in a crash by striking interior parts of the vehicle or being struck by an
inflating front airbag.
Using the Rear Seat Armrest
Pull down the armrest in the center seat-back.

Interior Lights/Interior Convenience Items
Interior Lights
1Interior Light Switches
Interior Light Switches
In the door activated position, the interior lights fade
Door Activated Position
out and go off about 30 seconds after the doors are
The interior lights come on regardless of
whether the doors are open or closed.
The lights go off after 30 seconds in the following
Door activated
When you unlock the driver’s door but do not open
The interior lights come on in the following
When you set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF
• When any of the doors are opened.
(LOCK) but do not open a door.
• You unlock the driver’s door.
You can change the interior lights dimming time.
• The lights also come on when the power
2 Customized Features P. 95
mode is set to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK).
The interior lights go off immediately in the following
The interior lights remain off regardless of
When you lock the driver’s door.
whether the doors are open or closed.
When you set the power mode to ON.
Door Activated Position
If you leave any of the doors open, the interior lights
go off after about 15 minutes.
Map Lights
1Map Lights
The map lights can be turned on and off by
When the interior light switch is in the door activated
pressing the
(map light) button.
position and any door is open, pressing the
button does not turn off the map light.
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