Acura RL (1996-2004 year). Instruction — page 17

• Install the new rear panel and clamp it with vise-


NOTE: Apply the spot sealer to the welding surface when
spot welding.

• Check the rear panel position using the body dimen-

sional drawings (see

section 6


6. Tack weld the rear panel.

• Weld the clamped sections for temporary installa-


To prevent eye injury and burns

when welding, wear an approved welding helmet,

gloves and safety shoes.

7. Open and close the trunk lid to check for proper


NOTE: Make sure the trunk lid or locks securely.

Position the rear panel in its correct position with the rear
bumper and taillight installed.

8. Perform the main welding.

To prevent eye injury and burns

when welding, wear an approved welding helmet,

gloves and safety shoes.

• Make 20% to 30% more spot welds than there were

holes drilled.

9. Finish the welding areas.

• Level the welded areas with a disc sander, then even

out high areas with a hammer. Be careful not to de-

form them.

To prevent eye injury, wear goggles

or safety glasses whenever sanding, cutting or


• Even out the spot welded flange area with a hammer

and dolly.

10. Apply the sealer (see

section 5


• Apply sealer to the rear side outer joint and around

the taillight areas of the rear panel.

• Apply sealer to the rear panel and rear floor joint.

11. Apply the paint.

See Paint Repair section.

• Ventilate when spraying paint. Most paint

contains substances that are harmful if inhaled

or swallowed. Read the paint label before

opening the paint container.

• Avoid contact with skin. Wear an approved

respirator, gloves, eye protection and appropriate

clothing when painting.

• Paint is flammable. Store it in a safe place, and

keep it away from sparks, flames or cigarettes.

12. Apply anti-rust agent (see

section 7


• Apply agent to the outer panel, rear panel and rear

floor joint.

• Apply agent to the inside of the jack-up stiffener.

13. Install the related parts.

Install in the reverse order in which they were removed.

14. Inspect, check, and clean.

• Adjust the clearance with the trunk lid, then adjust the

level difference and fit. Check operation.

• Test for leaks in the trunk compartment.

• Clean the trunk floor.

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Rear Floor/Rear Floor Cross-member


The rear floor and rear floor cross-member are the base of the rear body and it is critical for the rigidity of the rear body. During

replacement, refer to the body dimension chart or body correction chart and determine the position to set the rear floor, and rear floor

cross-member, properly. Be sure that the rear floor is not bent or deformed. Weld securely following the welder manufacturer’s

instructions to maintain the rigidity of the body.

Mass Production Body Welding Diagram

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1. Remove the related parts.

• Rear seat

• Trim and other luggage compartment fittings

• Left and right rear suspension assembly

• Parking brake parts

• Muffler

• Wire harness

• Other parts as necessary

• Fuel tank and fuel pipes

Do not smoke while working near

the fuel system. Keep open flame away from the fuel

system. If necessary, remove the fuel tank and/or

lines before welding nearby. Drain fuel into an

approved container.

2. Remove the rear suspension cross beam.

• Impact damage to the rear floor spreads to related

parts such as the rear frame, rear floor cross-member

and rear wheelhouse.

• Therefore, pull out the damaged areas with the

frame straightener and measure in reference to body

dimensional drawing.

NOTE: Use of a positioning jig is recommended (see




4. Peel off the undercoat.

Heat the undercoat at the weld areas of the lower rear

floor with a gas torch and peel off the undercoat with a

metal spatula.

CAUTION: Be careful not to burn the fittings inside

the trunk compartment and rear wheelhouse

insulator while heating.

5. Cut and pry off the rear panel (see page




3. Pull out and straighten the damaged area.

• Check whether the damage extended to the rear floor

cross-member, rear wheelhouse and the passenger

compartment, and pull out the damaged parts using

the frame corrector.

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Rear Floor/Rear Floor Cross-member

Replacement (cont’d)

6. Cut and pry off the rear floor.

• Cut off the rear floor with a gas cutter or air chisel.

• Leave the spot welded flanges of the rear frame and

rear floor cross-member shown by the bold line in the

figure below.

7. Check the damaged and position of the rear floor cross-


NOTE: If necessary, replace the rear floor cross-member.

NOTE: Cut the rear floor 15 mm (0.6 in) from the welded

flange of the rear floor cross-member.

• Strike a center punch around the spot weld imprints

on the cross-member from inside the trunk compart-


• Drill 5 mm (0.2 in) holes through the nuggets.

• Keep the holes to a minimum since they will be used

as weld holes for MIG plug welding of the new part.

• Remove the rear floor pockets.

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