Acura RL (1996-2004 year). Instruction — page 19

4. Application of adhesive.

• Apply adhesive all over the melt-sheet.

NOTE:Use epoxy resin adhesive designed to harden quickly

at ambient temperature. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s


6. Application of dust sealant.

• Apply dust sealer all the way around the floors.

NOTE: It is essential to make the floor completely imper-

vious to water as seepage into honeycomb construction

will adversely affect its performance. Use sufficient dust

sealant to seal the floor.

• Using a bristle brush or spatula, spread the dust

sealant all over the surface until it becomes smooth

and flat.

• Check that the dust sealant is applied to the seat

brackets thoroughly.

5. Installation of new honeycomb floors.

• Install the new honeycomb floors.

• Clamp the floor in place using a clamp at the front

and two clamps at the rear as shown.

NOTE: Place weights on the floor for 30-60 minutes

until the adhesive hardens.

7. Apply the paint (body color).

• See Paint Repair Manual.

• Ventilate when spraying paint. Most paint

contains substances that are harmful if inhaled

or swallowed. Read the paint label before

opening paint container.

• Avoid contact with skin. Wear an approved

respirator, gloves, eye protection and appropriate

clothing when painting.

• Paint is flammable. Store in a safe place, and

keep it away from sparks, flames or cigarettes.

8. Install the related parts.

9. Check and clean.

Check the electrical parts for proper operation.

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Cross Section of Body and Sealants

NOTE: Seal the following areas to prevent air leaks, water leaks and rust.

: Sealing locations

Spot Sealer : 3M #08892 (Internal)

: 3M #08893 (External)

Use materials above or equivalents.

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Front Pillar Inner Panel and Dashboard Lower

Front Floor and Rear Floor

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Cross Section of Body and Sealants


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