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Rust-preventive Treatments


Corrosion starts immediately after the steel base contacts the atmosphere. The condition is aggravated by sea wind, road salt, rain,

snow and industrial fallout. There are many ways to protect automobiles against corrosion. Primers, primer surfacers and paints

are applied by electrodeposition or spray to protect the car body.

Anti-rust Agents and Spray Guns

Use the following anti-rust agents or equivalents when making a body repair.

ANTI-RUST agents contain substances that are harmful if you breathe or swallow them, or get them on your

skin. Wear coveralls, gloves, eye protection, and an approved respirator while using such agents.

Anti-rust agents:

Spray guns:

Use the correct gun for the agent being used.

• Use of a pressure type spray gun is recommended when work involves a considerable number of cars.

Protectors: Wear gloves, mask and suitable eye protection. Use light oil and a rag to clean up spilled anti-rust agents.


1. Before applying an anti-rust agent, thoroughly clean the areas to be coated with a steam cleaner, etc., and let dry.

NOTE: Waxoyl may be applied to wet surface.

2. Spray an anti-rust agent sufficiently until the excess amount oozes out when filling, the doors, side sills, etc.

Wipe the excess agent with a clean rag dampened with light oil.

3. Do not spray an anti-rust agent to the brake hoses, brake wheel cylinders, brake drums, exhaust muffler and its related parts,

emission control devices in the engine compartment, ball joint covers, plastic fuel strainer, etc.

Wipe up spilled agent at once.

4. Heat an anti-rust agent to room temperature 97.7°F (36.5°C) by submerging the container in hot water when outside

temperature is below 50°F (10°C).

5. Ventilate when spraying an anti-rust agent since it contains a small amount of organic solvent. Keep sparks, flames and

cigarettes away.

Clean the spray gun after spraying with anti-rust agent.

CAUTION: Any remaining agent will harden in the passages of the spray gun, making it unserviceable.

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• Apply the designated thickness over surfaces including

gaps and edges.

• Avoid spraying agents on following parts:

Window glass, lights, grille, exhaust parts, tires, bumper and

lower skirt.

• Wipe up spilled agents at once from rubber and plastic


Anti-rust Agents:

• Use RUSTOP, DEOX #100, WAXOYL or equivalents

for protecting inner surfaces.

• Use NOX-RUST 409-20S, SOLTON 1000S or equivalents

for protecting outer surfaces.

NOTE: Apply the agent to the shaded areas only. Do not apply

it to the exhaust system and heated oxygen sensors.

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