Acura RL (1996-2004 year). Instruction — page 24

Rust-preventive Treatments

Areas to be Covered by Anti-rust Agents (cont’d)

Front Wheelhouse

• Spray agent on the wheelhouse, front fender stay,

upper member and damper bracket as shown.

• Undercoat the wheelhouse where anti-rust agent or

undercoat has not yet been applied.


• Coat the damper housing extension, particularly the

upper face.

• Undercoat the inner fender mounting area of the

wheelhouse and upper face of the inner fender

Nozzles used: A and C

Side Sill, Inside

• Remove the rear grommet and side sill panel to spray


• Insert the nozzle all the way through the grommet holes

and spray.

Move the nozzle right and left, and up and down while

pulling it back out of the grommet hole.

NOTE: Make sure that the nozzle is not interfering with the

side sill bulkheads as shown.

NOTE: Spray agent until it drips from the drain hole.

Nozzles used: A and B

Rear Wheelhouse

• Coat the gaps between the inner and outer

wheelhouses, including the damper base.

• Apply agent to the edge of the rear side frame, side sill

and rear floor.

• Undercoat the wheelhouse where undercoat or

anti-rust agent has not yet been applied.

Nozzles used: B and C

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Under-Floor Member/Floor Frame, Inside

• To spray agent to the inside of the under-floor member,

insert the nozzle in the holes in the members.

• Also coat the under-floor, side sill, and front and rear

wheelhouses at the ends.

Nozzle used: A


NOTE:Do not apply to the brake disc and brake caliper.

Coat the outside (and inside if necessary)

• Front Beam • Rear Cross Beam

• Rear Beam • Lower Arm

• Beam Bracket • Radius Rod

• Beam Bridge • Stabilizer

• Damper • Brake Pipe

• Upper Arm

• Steering Knuckle


• Apply the agent to the shaded areas only. Do not apply it

to the exhaust system and heated oxygen sensors.

• Coat the bottom of the fuel tank.

Nozzle used: C

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Rust-preventive Treatments

Undercoating Diagram


• Coating thickness: 0.5 mm (0.02 in) MIN.

• Follow the above instructions for paint repair or


• Avoid coating on the front and rear suspensions,

and exhaust system mount area.

• Items marked with an asterisk (*) on the important

control areas. Coating thickness 1 mm (0.04 in).

Unit: mm (in)

indicates PVC coating areas.

Coating portion

Coating area

Dashboard lower

Lower section from 250mm(9.84 in) and
entire wheelhouse side.


Front floor

Rear floor

Whole floor except fuel tank mounting


Except inner fender mounting area and

damper housing.

Front wheelhouse

Rear wheelhouse

Rear wheelarch

Outer panel

Jack-up bracket

Whole wheelhouse.

Whole wheelhouse.

Between rear wheelhouse and rear


Bracket flange.

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Color Chart Painting Specifications


• Apply NH-86 black (Gloss 40) to the visible surfaces of

area, front and rear-wheelhouses after installing

equipment(except cars painted with NH-592P, YR-

511P, G-79P and RP-25P

• With body colors are NH-585P, G-83P and YR-508M,

apply NH-86 black (Gloss 40) to the area, front and

rear wheelhouses.

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