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Welding Methods/Repair Tools

Spot Welding

Spot welding is also known as resistance spot welding, and it is the most suitable method of welding for automobiles. It has three

main features: the welding can be performed instantaneously, it exercises very little effect on the mother material, and it reduces

the generation of distortion to the absolute minimum. However, please remember to remove all paint and other impurities from

the surface of the material you intend to weld for reliable results.


Welding Conditions:

When performing spot welding, make absolutely sure that you conform to the conditions governed by the current, conductivity

time, welding pressure, holding time, and shutdown time recommended for the spot welder.

Please bear in mind the following points when welding:

• Plate thickness and minimum welding pitch

NOTE: When the welding intervals are too

small, this leads to branching, making it im-

possible to maintain the desired soldering


• Plate thickness and tip diameter

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• Welding Strength Test

Even if you perform the welding in accordance with the conditions, the strength of the welded sections may fluctuate widely with

drops in the voltage and other factors. The quality of the welding cannot be evaluated unless the welded sections are destroyed.

Provide yourself with a steel plate of the same thickness and conduct a destruction test.

• If holes appear in the steel plates, this means that the

welding is standard strength.

• Drive a wedge between two panels near the nugget. If

the welded parts do not come apart and the diameter of

the nugget is more than 3mm (0.1 in), the welding

should be satisfactory.


It is difficult to perform spot welding in the following circumstances:

• When it is not possible to remove any rust or paint attached to the welding surfaces.

• When the tip of the spot welder cannot be inserted into the welding section.

• When the welding surfaces can be seen from the outside and welding will impair the exterior appearance.

In all these cases, the gas welding method should be employed. Moreover, if it is not possible to perform spot welding because of

space restrictions, plug welding using on the arc welding method may be performed instead. For plug welding, the sections to be
welded must be close together.

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Welding Methods/Repair Tools

Gas Welding

Gas welding is indispensable for body repair because of the broad range of its applications for joining the body panels, cutting the

materials that construct the body, and applying heat to reform panels, and also because it is easy to get hold of the tools.

However, this method requires experience.


Welding Methods:

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